Compact Parking at the Jura-West motorway service area

Larger parking zones through the intelligent use of the central driving lane

User-oriented process management

Larger parking zones through the intelligent use of the central driving lane

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Live data on Compact Parking at Jura-West

The Compact Parking pilot installation is currently in operation at the
Jura-West motorway service area on the A 3 between Nuremberg and Regensburg.
Current occupancy status

Compact Parking – a dynamic parking management system

With the help of Compact Parking it is possible to achieve a significant increase in the amount of space that can be used for parking (some 50% more parking spaces) at existing motorway service areas.

Improved road safety

The Principle

Up to four trucks park directly behind one another in one parking lane and select their parking lane based on the time at which they plan to leave the service area. Dynamic overhead displays at the entrance to each parking lane list all the departure times available or still unoccupied at any point.

Optimised use of the space available

The Advantages

The compact parking method means that more parking spaces can be created within the existing service area car park. There is no need for additional areas to be added. The system can also be implemented relatively quickly and cost-effectively.

High level of cost efficiency

The Technology

4 steel tubular girders with a total of:
- 35 dynamic overhead monitors (one above each parking lane)
- 35 laser sensors to detect occupancy levels
- automation technology including control systems

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Impressions of Jura-West

Project details, images and videos

Digital signage unit

Info screen

Parking lanes

Aerial image

Laser sensors

Overhead monitors

Compact Parking

Parking attendant

Further impressions of the Jura-West service area: images and videos
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